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Ro Map Addon v3.1 (Compatible ETS 2 1.9.x)

This Romanian Map includes Oradea, Lugoj city and road connect to Debrecen. It’s just v3.1 of this map, you can more see newer versions in the future!

You can find the other Romanian map for ETS2 in this post: Romanian.

Ro Map Addon v3.1 changelogs:

  • Works on ETS 2 1.9.x.
  • Fixed bugs, problems.
  • Added roads and cities…

V3.0 changelogs:

  • New city: Slatina.
  • New roads.
  • Reworked on Debrecen-Oradea road.

v2.9.5 changelogs:

  • A new company in Salonta.
  • Fixed Oradea–>Deberecen GPS Bug.

v2.9 changelogs:

  • New city in South of RO (Drobeta)
  • New signs at the border with hungary
  • Fixed GPS Bug
  • New Road
  • It is compatible with ProMods and TSM
  • There are still some bugs to fix, but they will be fixed in the next updates.

Romanian Map Addon Screenshots:

See more in this video:

How to install new map for ETS2:

  1. Launch game.
  2. New Game ~> New Profile.
  3. At Game Module ~> Choose mapname.mbd
  4. Enjoy!

Download Romanian Map Addon for ETS2:

Update new version 3.1:
Work fine on ETS2 1.9.x and 1.8.x!!XFUlFQDK!Jbu53BFFBLrSwhK-JydPCxC6FSh5Qp09yB7aDh–uGI



Version 2.9.5:!yIcjASIK!EhJKFXkiJJgEF7mBKEs2DAAnWZxSpmvmSHhkMyaexfk

Version 2.9:

Version 2.8:!zRcTjTZA!HEuvYn8CzroAnAnT9e70gHb6hUp2WmAOUuZtgcOHu20 Version 2.7:!nV1V2KiI!XyMEG3Jl3mJ5mEsVSiL8oRduTz8iCN8VY-N-MQJJpxQ Mirror: Version 2.6:!vA90DCYK!NMDtGVS_tRl86gafxtr2awIPcCkCKfSTfeP92KKAjvU Version 2.5:!WEdxmbBZ!FFxJ_z-uOfR-vXayvJK6O16bpjQ65o89JzTO3I03Ctw Version 2.4:!zBlERSBZ!GuHxcULyRZ0HlUhhXSFt70repkQUa-tQD2YNhl0_NMo Version 2.2:!6A11ESYa!KpRP_30hF2wqJnt_7ZAH8H-TjWwcCKRyWzr076ngl4I Version 1.9:!vccC0KRS!GNT8qAOzYXCaB30zKlU9V3HBkEgVh2fD_5ECij52_7E Version 1.8:!fV0nHKSJ!fT0OFjrXmC-D7huCcGmGaC1Xmg4U3yb0jPhtuw4n188 Version 1.6:!PF83QIwZ!YcuiPyGJT-o3UI8ZsVZEtFbrkUJATY4ZOkR_tqoFoto Version 1.0:!uBsnlIpK!XCaLH12ZgPysamEiZKOy7ll5AdUV_Bq-txBvxCIT0cQ

Credits: Traian



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